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What is Advanced BioStructural Correction™?
Advanced BioStructual Correction™ is a relatively new chiropractic technique to Australia. Its name means just that, an advance in the way life structures (the human body) are corrected. It was pioneered by a structural engineer turned chiropractor, Dr Jesse Jutkowitz.

The body is a single synchronous unit, meaning that the body works as a whole, not as individual parts. You cannot change one area of the body without another area being affected. There are bones that can get misaligned out of their correct position by external forces acting upon the body (falls, bumps, accidents etc). For the most part, the body has many muscles which have the ability to correct bones out of place. But if a bone is knocked forward or anterior, there are no muscles in the human body with the ability to correct this misalignment. This causes the body to twist, bend and compensate for this forward or anterior misalignment. This is known as Anterior Vertebral Syndrome (AVS).

Advanced BioStructural Correction™ is based on the following premises (this is taken directly from the ABC™ site: 

1. First, the body is a partially self-correcting mechanism. The body is not totally self-correcting or you would never need a doctor or any help getting your body corrected (why the body was made to partially but not totally self-correct is not part of this discussion — the observable fact is that it is somewhat self-correcting but not totally).

2. Next is that there are some things the body cannot self-correct. (This seems obvious but must be stated as a separate and distinct fact for the purpose of creating a framework with which to be able to correct all body structures.)

3. Third, is that to get someone’s body healthy (corrected and working properly), you correct only the things the body cannot self-correct, letting the body do the rest (that it can do, itself). This may take a little while, but it is what works best. What a person may think a body needs and what it really needs are not the same. So, if the body can correct something but does not, there must be something the body needs done before that gets corrected. That something is always the correction of something the body cannot self-correct.

4. So fourth, is that one should never correct anything the body can correct but is not correcting. Why? If the body can correct it and does not, you must assume there is something else that the body cannot self-correct which is out of place making it necessary for the body to hold the thing it could self-correct out of place (this is either by choice or by the forces created when the thing the body cannot self-correct stays uncorrected).

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How is ABC™ different from traditional chiropractic?
Traditional Chiropractic has a different purpose, therefore different approach and different outcomes. The purpose of traditional chiropractic is to find and locate joints in the spine, pelvis and extremities that are restricted or causing pain. Once located, traditional chiropractic methods use a variety of techniques to help restore normal motion to these restricted joints. These techniques include manual adjusting, activator guns and other such instruments, blocks and drop tables, to name a few. The goal of this approach is generally to alleviate pain and increase motion.

Unlike traditional chiropractic, Advanced BioStructural Correction™ is only concerned with correcting the bones and joints in your spine and body that your body has no ability to correct itself. By correcting only the things the human body has no ability to correct itself (because it has no muscles in the direction required to correct the misplaced bone), the body is able to unwind and release many layers of compensatory twists which build up as a result of these misalignments your body cannot correct. This causes significant tension throughout the body and nervous system. Reversing this allows the body to become more flexible (feeling freer and more comfortable), as well as improving posture. Improving posture has many health benefits, most notable being easier breathing, meaning more oxygen to the brain and body and less tension on the brain and nervous system. This allows the brain and body to function at its optimum, how nature intended.
Why is posture so important?
Posture is the window to how our body is aligned or structured. Our posture determines how our body is functioning. If we have a poorly structured body, which is most easily seen by poor posture, then it is well known that our body will not function at its optimum.

The American Journal of Pain Management concluded that:

“Posture affects and moderates every physiological function from breathing to hormonal production. Spinal pain, headache, mood, blood pressure, pulse and lung capacity are among the functions most easily influenced by posture.”

–American Journal of Pain Management 1994, 4: 36-39
Is chiropractic safe?
‘Remarkably’ according to a New Zealand study.

In 1979, the Government of New Zealand published an objective study of chiropractic. Many issues were studied, including cost effectiveness, chiropractic education and training, safety issues, and patient satisfaction.

Among other things, the resulting 377 page document concluded that chiropractic would have a positive influence on the health of a country.

The commission investigated two safety issues that had been commonly raised by chiropractic critics. The first being the safety of chiropractic spinal adjustments and the second, the notion that seeking chiropractic care delays medical treatment. After extensive inquiry, the researchers found both safety concerns to be unfounded. Because of the lack of evidence of the contrary, the commissioners determined chiropractic care to be remarkably safe.

Chiropractic in New Zealand Report of the Commission of Inquiry, 1979, Page 78.

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